My name is Luis Farfán, 
I am a creative director and I did not go to ad school - 

I actually got accepted to medical school but it's very expensive
and they don't let you make collages or posters or abstract films about Nothingness - 
I went to art school instead - besides, you probably don't want me as your doctor

I've read too much French existentialism and will end up advising you to 'let death in'

I Grew up in central México where I spent my teens ripping

around getting into trouble - I came to the states and spent
my 20's touring and playing drums in a garage/noise band-
(thanks In The Red for signing us and TVT for giving us that advance)

Now I'm spending my 30's making ads, printing zines, 
and making experimental music, etc etc etc

Don't be shy - reach out, let's be pals.